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5 steps to mastering the confidence color


1 Soft bristle toothbrush 

1 matching Red Lip Liner

1 Deep Red lipstick ( Matte tube lipstick works best) 

1 Lip Brush

1 Tissue

1 Blush sized brush

1 Foundation brush

   Go-to foundation

   Loose powder or Pressed powder


Have you ever looked at a woman wearing a bold red lip and thought to yourself- “I wish I could pull that off!”

Many women struggle each and every day with the lack of confidence and know how when it comes to wearing red lipstick.

Red is a powerful color that brings with it intense emotions. It is commonly related to items and topics of luxury, religion, love, and even danger.

Because it is so powerful, I like to connect it with Passion, beauty, and most of all confidence. Confidence to stand out from the crowd and be noticed (in a good way). 

One product for all Women

I have done some research and decided to test SMASHBOX BAWSE (like BOSS) ALWAYS ON LIQUID LIPSTICK. 

BASWE is a collaboration between Lilly Singh (a YouTube personality) and SmashBox cosmetics. It is designed for maximum effect and wear ability (8 hours). It is a liquid lipstick but goes on with a matte finish, important for making your luscious look last! 
Smashbox Always on Lipstick in

I decided to test this product for our tutorial because many other makeup enthusiasts shared the opinion that it is well suited for different skin tones. 

I will provided my review of the product after the tutorial.

Follow these 5 easy steps to achieve this bold but timeless look:


Step One: Prime Time

Before we can start to apply product directly to the lips, we must start with a clean and smooth canvas. You will need any kind of soft bristle toothbrush. Start by holding the toothbrush under warm running water. This will help soften any dead skin on the lip surface and stimulate blood flow. Then with a slow gentle circular motion, brush your lips for about a 10-15 seconds. This will help to exfoliate the lips and prep them for bold rich color which will last longer.  

Step Two: Lay the Foundation

This next step might seem weird but in the end it will help the red tones stay vivid longer.Take your go-to foundation (pea size amount) with a foundation brush and blend all over your lip area (remember to close your mouth). I actually do this step when I am applying my foundation to my entire face.

As I am applying my foundation I swipe over the mouth
blend well to the outer edges with the brush or blender

Step Three: Where to draw the line

In this step, we want to trace the outer edge of the lip with a shade of red liner that closely resembles our lipstick. I like to fill in the lip a bit with the pencil. This will help to prevent “bleeding” or “feathering” of the red – no, no, don’t worry your lips are not going to all of a sudden start spontaneously bleeding. “Feathering”is a term used when your lipstick starts to go outside of the lip line. 

There are many different products on the market to prevent this (another article for another day), however today we will use these steps to achieve our desired look.

Tracing outer edge of lips with

Step Four: Power Tool for Lips

Now for this step if you do not own a Lip brush, you can always use your middle finger to blend the colour into your lips (a bit messy). A lip brush does work wonders though, I highly recommend you invest in a good one. 

This type of brush allows you to be more precise with your application as well as blending the product in better. 

We will assume you have a brush on hand. Take your brush and glide it over the lipstick to gain some pigment on the brush. Then starting in the middle of your lips, blend the colour with small back and forth strokes. Paying careful attention to the edges as you want to blend the lipstick shade in with the lip pencil shade without going out of the lip line. 

Taking your lip brush grab some pigment
starting in the centre work the pigment into the lip

Step Five: Let's Set thing straight

Next, take a tissue and place it over your closed mouth.Taking your blush brush that has been lightly dusted with pressed powder or loose powder, with gentle circular motions, brush over your lips so that the tissue is being pressed into your lips to pick up any excess lip color. Remove the tissue and rub together your lips to create a uniform look and Voila! You’re ready to stand out.

using a setting powder-I like Arbonnes pretty translucent
blow off access powder and brush all over lip area over tissue

The Final Verdict

  • TEXTURE: creamy, not too thick
  • SCENT: no added fragrance detected but a mild oil smell. After checking SMASHBOX website, it states that is Infused with Primer Oil complex to condition lips. The smell is nothing overpowering and is well tolerated.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: The applicator is made so that you can easily apply the bold color even on the go without any brushes and such.
  • LONGEVITY: Tested for the full 8 hours and I can note that I had a meal with it on and a few glasses of wine. It did loose some of its vibrancy at the 4th hour and needed a touch up. 

PROS: Overall I like how rich the color was and how smooth it went on. It wore rather well for a rich lipstick (4 hours).

CONS: After eating and drinking I did notice some smudging around the lip area. 

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