FAKE or For Real?

naked 2 eyeshadow palette

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I can still remember being 12 and heading to the corner pharmacy with my weeks worth of allowance saved up to buy that mocha sands palette of COVERGIRL eyeshadow that I had my eye on for weeks. I get to the cash and the lady rings in my eyeshadow, $ 3.78 (this is 1994 right), now a palette of their quad shadow will run you back $6-10 dollars (CAD $). 

Today, my eye shadow collection has grown exponentially and I spend on average $20- $100 on a single palette. 

The prices of makeup, selection, and variety of brands have changed enormously since 1994. Today, according to Forbes recent article ,the beauty industry is at an all-time high of $445 Billion dollars in profits a year. How did it get there?

 With so many new brands and products coming out onto the market each and every day, and the marketing machines that are behind these brands, it’s no wonder that the beauty industry is so huge. 

The business that is Eyeshadow

Let’s get back to eyeshadow. You can get at Sephora an eyeshadow palette with 28 premium colors for…wait for it…. $305(CAD)!!! That’s right, what does it do you ask? No no, it doesn’t make you look like your 22 again. It’s eyeshadow. Probably had some really great pigments and texture to it for sure, I am not knocking the science or the formula but seriously what’s in there? GOLD?! 

Now the average premium eye shadow brands at Sephora will run you back anywhere from $25-$100 for a good quality eye shadow 8-15 shades. As a makeup artist and enthusiast, this is my comfort zone. I need the quality but $100 is my limit. 

Counterfeit Makeup a big deal

Now that I have painted you the picture of what the beauty industry is worth and given you a glimpse into only one of their products range of costs, we can start to understand why people would  look for a cheaper alternative. 

With prices of quality makeup being so high and with the introduction of top celebrities creating their own lines of branded products, people want to be able to copy the trends and styles that are almost everywhere now without having to pay the big prices for the products. And this is where counterfeit makeup comes in.

You don’t have to look far online to see the damage and problems that counterfeit makeup is causing.  I think this article on BloomBerg.com paints a very real picture of the issue at hand. 

fake vs real makeup
Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay vs. FAKE bought online/ TenaciousRed.com

These products are being applied and used on very delicate areas of our face. Some of the chemicals that have been found in the seized items have been: arsenic, human urine, mouse droppings, and a few other things I dont care to mention. It scares me to think that women are applying these products to their faces thinking the products are  legitimate and then need to seek medical attention for a skin reaction or worse.

As a beauty enthusiast and writer, I feel the need to share this information with my readers as it will hopefully prevent people from making a serious misstep in terms of their health.  I hope that you will share this with other beauty product lovers as well. Help spread the knowledge.

The counterfeit industry is not going anywhere anytime soon.  Wherever there are people trying to saves some money you will always have someone looking to sell them something impure to make a profit. Sad but true.

How to spot a "FAKE"

So how can you make sure that you don’t make the mistake of purchasing a counterfeit product and end up with some unsightly rash around your eyes? 

Take a look at my 3 top researched tips:

1. The Price: A price too low that you can’t find anywhere else? Probably because it is not a reputable seller and a genuine product. You should always buy your products from one of the brand’s licensed retailers. ⠀⠀

2.Inspect the packaging :All quality brand products list their ingredients on their packages. Look for this as well as misspelled common words on the packaging. If you can rub some of the ink off the labels, then it is probably a fake.

3.Texture and Scent: counterfeit makeup has been known to have strong chemical odors and tell-tale textures. Eyeshadows of quality name brands invest in their pigments and scents so make sure to test the product for scent and texture before purchasing.

And last but not least my moto is (and I think my everyone else’s) if it seems too good to be true…then it probably is darling.





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