Beautiful Brows with Benefit Brow Kit

Benefit Brow Kit

Eyebrows, they are the frames to the windows of our souls. When they are carefully maintained and groomed, they help to draw attention to our greatest features. Everything seems more aligned and balanced. It’s as if a great sculptor has molded our features to sit just right. So why is it then that so many […]

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FAKE or For Real?

naked 2 eyeshadow palette

Reading Time: 3.5 minutes I can still remember being 12 and heading to the corner pharmacy with my weeks worth of allowance saved up to buy that mocha sands palette of COVERGIRL eyeshadow that I had my eye on for weeks. I get to the cash and the lady rings in my eyeshadow, $ 3.78 […]

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Can Charcoal Really Whiten Your Teeth?

woman smiling

Do you avoid smiling because your self-conscious of your teeth? Are you tired of hiding your smile during pictures? Your not alone more than 30% of people report not showing their smile during pictures.A smile is one of the first things we notice when meeting a new person and it makes all the difference when […]

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women with red lips

Reading time: 4 mins 5 steps to mastering the confidence color TOOLS+SUPPLIES NEEDED: 1 Soft bristle toothbrush 1 matching Red Lip Liner 1 Deep Red lipstick ( Matte tube lipstick works best) 1 Lip Brush 1 Tissue 1 Blush sized brush 1 Foundation brush Go-to foundation Loose powder or Pressed powder Have you ever looked […]

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