Beautiful Brows with Benefit Brow Kit

Benefit Brow Kit

Eyebrows, they are the frames to the windows of our souls. When they are carefully maintained and groomed, they help to draw attention to our greatest features. Everything seems more aligned and balanced. It’s as if a great sculptor has molded our features to sit just right.

So why is it then that so many women struggle with maintaining their eyebrows. Even defining their natural shape is an issue. 

After doing some research on makeup forums and beauty discussion groups, I came to the realization that the average woman is just overwhelmed with the amount of products out there for their use. The good news here is that the big beauty brands are paying attention and are working hard to make it easier for you and me to have our brows looking fabulous!

“Brows are no longer considered a trend but an industry focus, becoming a major category in makeup. According to FCB Research, it is estimated that 50% of consumers will take care of their brows in their daily beauty routine versus 28% in 2015.” — Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetics global brow authority

My own struggle

me without brows

I was 13 and I can remember both my aunts mentioning to me that it might be time to start plucking my eyebrows. At this age I had quite a lovely youthful unibrow going on and I can appreciate their looking out for me seeing as how I was starting high school and all. 

So they gave me some pointers (and tweezers) and help me pluck away some strays. Well that’s all it took for me to become tweezer happy in my first year of high school and loose half of my eyebrows. Now I do remember that in the 97’ it was the fashion to have thinned out penciled in eyebrows. Just think of Drew Barrymore in the film Wishful Thinking, all the guys loved her right?!

Well years passed and the fad faded. Now in my mid 30s, the fuller, thicker brows are in and don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

I don’t know if it was all the over plucking or maybe some kind of thyroid issue but my brows never really grew back, sadly. So I have to” fake it till I make it” as they say.

A Category All on Its Own

Up until the past 5 years the selection for brow makeup was limited to waxes, pencils and powders. Now you can have super thin self-sharpening pencils, tinted brow gels, and even thickening brow mascara that adds thin fibres with gel to simulate hair. 

With Benefit Cosmetics being one of the lead brands for innovation in brow cosmetics, I knew that they would have a product(s) that could help me with my lack of hair issue. 

I chose the Defined & Refined Brows kit in shade 3 as I have medium brown hair with some red in it. The kit and products sold separately have a choice of 5 shades. I always recommend that women choose a shade that is similar to their hair color or within a few shades of it. Here is a nifty color selection guide from Benefit to help you.

The Defined & Refined kit is at a great deal for only $46(Canadian) and this was purchased at Sephora. This is a great price considering the full size Precisely My Brow Pencil costs $32CAD. You’re basically getting everything else for free.

benefit brows

The kit includes the following:

1. Browvo! Conditioning Primer 1.0 mL – this is a nutrient-rich primer for fuller-looking brows

 2. Precisely, My Brow Pencil – shade 3- Ultra Fine Brow defining Pencil that self-sharpens

3.  High Brow Pencil – Creamy brow highlighting pencil

4.  Brow mapping tool for a personalized, symmetrical brow shape. + Guide

For this review and tutorial, you will see the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in here.

 **It is not included with the Defined & Refined Benefit brow kit**

 It is sold separately for about $32CAD.

 I love to use this self-sharpening pencil along with the precisely as they are two different thicknesses and it helps to make the brows more natural looking. I use this pencil in shade 2 to help make my brows look more natural.

Step-By-Step Brows

brow pictures

The first product in the kit is the Browvo! Conditioning Primer. It benefit is to help build a strong base for the products to adhere to. As well, it keeps your hairs in place. You will twist it once and see the gel formula come out of the tip. Brush it over the shape of your brow and let dry a minute or two.

benefit brows

The kit comes with a guide tool that can help you to make sure that your brows are even and well shaped. There is a guide within the kit that can help you further with this tool. I personally tried it once and thought it was useful if I needed to ensure symmetry for photos or a big event or something. But I can’t see myself using it every day. 

You want to start to make the outline of your natural shape using the Precisely brow pencil. If you have sparse brows like mine, feel free to go a bit further past the hair if you are looking for a more fuller look. See below photo.

benefit brows

Once you have the general outline of your brow and look like a crazy lady like me, you can go ahead and start to fill in the outlined area with the Precisely brow pencil in quick strokes to mimic hairs. 

benefit brow

 Next, you will want to have the Goof Proof brow pencil in the shade below the Precisely brow pencil. So if you have Precisely in shade 3 you will want Goof Proof in 2. The two different shades will help your brows look more natural and full. 

With the Goof Proof pencil you should go in and fill the remaining space that has not been filled in with strokes from the Precisely pencil.

Now that you have outlined, made hair like strokes, and filled in your brows you might be looking at them thinking- Lorraine they are a bit too dark. Well, Benefit has added those lovely spoolie brushes onto the ends of each of their brushes to help you to blend out any harsh lines or dark areas. You want to comb through each brow gently as you don’t want to remove too much product. You just want to soften the areas where you might have added too much. 

And last but not least, the High Brow pencil. This creamy pencil can be used to highlight the brow bone just under the brow line to make it look lifted and defined. 

Finally check your fine work in the mirror and make sure that they are symmetrical and even. 

Overall, I highly recommend this product for its ease of use, color range, and lasting wear.

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