#4 of The Most Important Habits and Behaviours Every Tenacious Woman should Learn

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If you look at the many activities of your day, you will notice that they are a combination of good and bad habits you have developed over the years.Some of these habits were developed way back when you were a child through lessons and instructions from your parents like picking up after yourself, brushing your teeth each day, and certain social etiquette cues.The rest are created through our everyday life experiences with our friends and co-workers, and social pressures that we adhere so heavily too.Everyone can own at least a few bad habits that they have picked up over the years like smoking, overeating, constantly being late to events, and spending too much time on social media all because we want to feel a sense of being “connected”.  Unwanted habits and behaviors once repeated enough, can create new neural pathways in our brains to make the habit automatic — and very difficult to break. 

Knowing is the first step to real change

Many would argue that breaking a bad habit is easier said than done and to which I agree- almost!

If you acknowledge a certain habit or behavior that you genuinely dislike about yourself, that is the first step in making a change for the good. 

Now many would argue that establishing good habits is equally as hard to form and keep up with. This is why I have narrowed it down to only 4. 

The 4 Beneficial habits and behaviors

1. Know your worth

Many women today settle. They settle for relationships, for jobs, for their pay, and for the way people and co-workers treat them. The problem there is that we get into a mentality of “woe is me” and “I am the victim” when we let others treat us unfairly. 

It all begins with you!  How you see yourself and your value in the situation and relationship. Really take a deep look at what you bring to the table in terms of support, workload, and dedication. This can be said for the negative aspects of what we bring with us such as emotional baggage, bad behaviors, and inconsistencies. 

A large part of knowing and understanding your worth is knowing what you offer- day in, day out- the good and the bad. 


Let’s reflect on your current relationships. 

1. Write down who you feel the most comfortable and confident with and why? 

2. Now, lets reverse it, who do you feel the most uneasy and lacking confidence with and why?  Write these down in a safe space and take time to reflect on your answers. Highlight the major differences.

2. Your Body really is your Temple

You will see countless articles about exercise and nutrition as a habit that should be implemented in your daily life. As over-preached as it might be, it still rings true that caring for our bodies, inside and out, is imperative if we wish to lead a happier and healthier life. 

You only get one is the motto so what are you doing for your temple today? 

When we focus on our health, we tend to also put forth our best selves. We shine brighter with a glow of confidence that we are directing our lives in a better direction. Our personal appearance is more polished because we feel good on the inside and want it to show to the rest of the world. 

Only good things can come from focusing on the well-being of our greatest gift. 


Write down in a journal what you have done today so far that is beneficial for your body. It could be stretching in the morning. Taking time to make yourself a healthy breakfast or the dinner you planned with a close friend later after work. Your health does not have to just revolve around exercise and nutrition, we must remember that mental health is also key. 

3. Be in learning mode always

American Author, Brian Herbert says it best:

“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.”

We are never done learning nor should we think that we are. 

The world is changing every day whether we see it or not and we should always be ready to learn something new. For example- the tech and digital information industry is evolving at a speed almost faster than light. Even if you don’t have any interest in it- you need to pay attention, because it will affect you directly. Just look at what is happening in the retail world. It is predicted that a majority of our shopping will be done online in the next 10 years. Do you feel tech-savvy enough for this change?

Now you might argue with me that your day is already packed with family obligations and appointments but if you are reading this article, it is because you are open to the idea of change and this is one habit that every determined woman should take on. 

Make the time to read articles, books, and business publications. You might just surprise yourself with how enjoyable new knowledge can be.


Take 30 minutes each day (schedule it if you need to) to read anything non-fiction that is new to you. It could be politics, business, history, a new language. Anything that will take you out of your everyday norm and help to open your mind to the world around you. 

4. Be Genuine in your Relationships

The definition of genuine is:

“possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real”- Dictionary.com

So how can we be all these things in our relationships, it seems daunting right?

Well, it’s actually easier than you think. Anytime you are with a person you genuinely care for (we are not talking about the guy who waters the plants in the office) focus on one thing: RESPECT. 

Which means you say yes when you mean yes, no when you mean no. Not a 10 step process just simple respect for the person whom you care to spend your time with. 

Show up when you say you will, be there in times of hardship, and never over commit yourself. 

By doing this you will fill your life and heart with genuine interactions that you can be thankful for. 


1.Make a list of all your important relationships skip a few lines between each.

2.Beside each person write your relation to them ex: mother, sister, best friend, etc. 

3.Below that, write down 3 things that you appreciate about that person

4.In the span of the week, send a text, email, or better yet, a call to each person letting them know what you appreciate about them and their relationship.

I hope these exercises have made you think in a new way when it comes to building better character and habits for yourself. 

Have any comments please write them below.



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